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1 Year Ceramic Coating Special

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Perfect for the person with a show car or someone who wants to have perfect paint year after year. 

Never Wax Again!

A ceramic coating not only makes your car easier to clean but it looks freshly waxed after each wash.

Bug Guts and Bird Droppings Come Off With Ease!

Bug guts and bird droppings can be time consuming to remove and if left on to long can be damaging to your paint, a ceramic coating prevents them sticking to the surface of your paint.

Hard Candy Like Shine!

Your car will be the talk of the neighborhood with the amazing shine you get from a ceramic coating!

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1 yr Show Car Package


  • Thorough exterior hand wash to remove loose dirt and grime from the surface


  • Next comes  mechanical decontamination process to ensure the paint is free of any particles and ready for the ceramic to adhere to the paint. 


  • We then do a single stage gloss enhancement polish to remove marring and minor swirls 


  • Paint Ceramic Coated


  • Trim Ceramic Coated


  • Wheel faces ceramic coated


*Starting price based on average condition coupe

**All ceramic packages come standard with a gloss enhancing polish.

** All vehicles will be subject to per-inspection prior to starting the service to determine if our gloss enhancing polish service will give you the results you are looking for prior to applying our coatings. 


Polish Protect Preserve

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