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Exterior Detailing Reading, PA

Professional Auto Detailing is more then just a car wash!

 A rinseless wash allows us to clean and protect your vehicle anytime anywhere without using a ton of water!

Rinseless Wash

A rinseless wash allows us to be eco friendly by being able to wash the entire exterior of a car with only using a couple gallons of water. Since we don't use a hose we are able to clean your car virtually anywhere without getting anything surrounding it wet! This is just as safe as a traditional wash for most vehicles with average road grime and bug guts!

The claybar process is the first step of a two stage paint decontamination process

Paint Decontamination

After your vehicle has been washed it will receive both a claybar decontamination treatment as well as a chemical decontamination treatment prepping the exterior to receive your choice of a sealant or coating! (if going with a coating we highly recommend a paint correction to bring the paint back to near perfect condition)

a paint correction followed by a cermaic coating is the perfect way to keep your car looking like new and make clean up a breeze

Paint Correction & Protection

Is your vehicles paint swirled and scratched from automatic carwashes or just from just daily driving? These can effect the shine by distorting the clarity of the clear coat. A paint correction will bring that deep gloss and clarity back into your paint. After that protect your investment with one of our IGL ceramic coatings!

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