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Professional Ceramic Coating Lebanon, PA

Stop spending all weekend cleaning your car!

Hard Candy Like Shine

Brilliant shine after every wash that lasts for years not weeks like wax or months like sealants

Chemically Resistant

Provides protection against acid rain and other costic chemicals that can come in contact with your vehicles exterior surfaces. 

Guaranteed Work

We stand behind everything that we do. Our professional coatings are personally warrantied by us which means if there is a problem we will handle it right away, No waiting for a claim to be processed!

Ease of Maintenance

Wash your car once a week or at least every other and you can sit back and enjoy sipping your favorite beverage while your neighbors think you spent all weekend cleaning your car.

Easily Remove Bird Poo and Bug Guts

Stop wasting time removing bird droppings, bug guts, tar, and tree sap, ceramic coatings bond to the paint creating a super slick layer that makes removing these common headaches a breeze!

Free Maintenance  Washes

Our ceramic coating packages include a free maintenance wash once a year for the life of the coating. Plus a wash 2 weeks after the car has been coated so we can ensure the coating is oppourating as it should. 


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