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Exterior Detailing Near Me: 3 Things You Should Know Before Scheduling Your Detail

Updated: Aug 1

2008 Cadillac after getting our exterior detailing service

If you are looking for "exterior detailing near me" this post can answer some questions you may have!

What Does an Exterior Detail Include?

Our exterior detailing packages include a thorough wash to remove all the loose dirt and debris followed by a bug and tar cleaner to safely remove the remaining bug guts and road grime typically found on the grille, front bumper and behind the front wheel along the lower part of the front door and along the rocker panel.

If the vehicle hasn’t been detailed within the last 4 months we then go into our claybar decontamination to remove any embedded dirt particles from your vehicle's painted and glass surfaces. This not only makes the paint cleaner but can also increase the shine and gloss of the paint!

Once the decontamination process has been completed we follow it up with a sealer to protect your vehicle's paint from the sun's harmful UV rays and make it easier to clean for up to 4 months.

These processes are included with every detail however we do offer other add-ons that you can get at an additional cost, like headlight restoration to bring clarity back to your headlights making them brighter at night and giving you clearer vision while you drive.

You also have the option to add on one of our paint correction services to help return your paint back to its former glory leaving it looking as good as new (or as close to it as we can get). If you are planning on having this service done I would highly recommend upgrading from the sealant to a ceramic coating this is because a ceramic coating actually bonds with your vehicle’s clearcoat creating a semi-permanent layer vs a sealant or a wax that just sits on top of the surface of the paint. For more info on this check out our last post on 5 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing a Ceramic Coating.

What is the difference between Exterior Detailing and Paint Correction?

Often times an improperly detailed vehicle can result in needing a paint correction. When a vehicle is not properly maintained or detailed improperly (often times the result of automatic car washes, or poor techniques during hand washes) can cause wash-induced marring and swirls all over the paint, over time this can cause the paint to lose its luster! Proper exterior detailing will remove dirt and grime from the vehicle’s surfaces with minimal damage. It is important to use proper techniques because there is only so much clear coat protecting your vehicle’s paint and once that is gone the only way you can fix it is with a repaint.

As stated above a paint correction is typically done after a vehicle has been neglected and the paint needs to be restored. A paint correction is the art of removing scratches, swirls and micro marring by using abrasives to smooth and level out the vehicle’s paint. Depending on the severity of the defects and how perfect you want the paint to be you will need to have a 1 step, 2 step, or a 3 step polish performed. Check out our Youtube video on the difference between these types of corrections at this link!

What is the Purpose of Exterior Detailing?

Detailing the exterior of your car regularly can keep it looking like new. Not only will it keep your car looking better for longer but it will also increase the resale value and can reduce the risk of damage from bug guts, bird droppings, and water spots, all of which bake into your vehicle’s paint when sitting out in the hot sun. The only way these things can be corrected is through a paint correction.

Don’t have time to maintain your vehicle contact us today for a free quote on our maintenance packages!

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