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Do I Really Need a Ceramic Coating?

  This is a question that gets asked all the time. There is no set answer to this, however I can give you some reasons why you might want one. In this post we will dive deeper into what you truly get when you get a coating and why you may want one or why you may just want to keep waxing/ sealing your car. 

I Wax My Car Everyother Week…. Do I Really Need a Coating? 

I am going to first answer this with a question to you. Do you enjoy waxing/ or sealing your car or would you rather be able to wash it, dry it, and enjoy it? 

If you said I love waxing my car or applying sealant than I would say no a coating isn’t for you keep doing what you are doing. For some people this is a pass time and they enjoy applying a nice layer of carnuba wax to their vehicle every couple of weeks. 

But! If you are on the other end of the spectrum and you hate doing this to your vehicle especially if it is a huge vehicle that you spend an eternity waxing then I would highly recommend a coating. Not only does a coating provide you with a jaw dropping candy like shine, it makes cleaning a breeze. Not only does a coating keep your car cleaner longer it keeps things like bug gutz and tree sap from sticking to the surface and protects your vehicle from chemicals that can splash up from the road and the suns harmful UV Rays. Your car will look better than new after every wash, No more waxing which frees up more time to enjoy things with your family and not worry about spending extra time making sure one of your biggest investments is protected!

Why are Cearamic Coatings so Expensive? 

  The initial price of a ceramic coating can sticker shock a lot of peoplebut when you break it down over the life of the coating it really isn’t as expensive as you would think. With a wax you can only coat the paint, so for comparison, our level 3 coating is a 5 year coating for just the paint. Our starting price on it is $999.00 if you break that down over 260 weeks (5 years) that is only $3.84 a week. Is that still higher than wax? Sure, but you also have to factor in the time it takes you to wax your car each week. Time is our most valuable asset and the one thing we can’t get back! Typically it takes you between 1 to 2 hours to wax a car but even if you could do it in 30 minutes your time is surely worth more than $6 an hour isn’t it? Again this goes back to the question above on whether or not you enjoy waxing your car. If you enjoy waxing your car, than a coating isn’t for you. But if you dread it every week or push it off to every 3 weeks or maybe only do it a couple times of year you can save the hassle by having a professional grade multi-year coating applied to your vehicle. 

What if I Don’t Plan on Keeping my Vehicle for 5 Years? 

   We are able to getting coatings from a 1 year coating, to a 2-3 year coating, up to a 5 year coating. The application process is the same between all of them so you are really paying the difference in product cost at this point. In all cases a coating can last longer or shorter then the specified time frames based on how they are taken care off and how often the vehicle sees the elements. Even if you are not planning on keeping your vehicle 5 years the price difference isn’t significant enough to make going with a 2-3 coating worth while. 

 Why do we offer a 1 year coating then do you ask? Some people want there paint to look as close to perfect as possible year after year.and since a coating acts as a sacrificial barrier to your vehicles clear coat we can polish the coating away leaving the virtually unscathed clear coat intact then simply reapply the coating and you are good for another year. A 1 year coating is also a great entry level coating for someone who is on the fence about if the benefits will fit their needs or not. 

  Is a Ceramic Coating for You? 

 Ultimately this isn’t a question that can be answered by us or any other detailer however we are more than happy to assist you in answering any questions you may have about ceramic coatings. Our main goal is to assist you in making that decision on your own. We understand that it isn’t for everyone. We feel it is our responsibility to give you honest and transparent information to make sure you are well-informed and are confident in your decision.

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