Is your Interior Inferior?

In our previous post we talked about ceramic coatings, why you may or may not need them, and what else is available? Todays post is all about interiors and how we can help by relieve stress by giving you the fresh clean interior you deserve!

Most of us see the interior of our vehicle more then any other part. It is also the part that is usually the most neglected. Especially if you have young children and or pets. Between working, eating, recreational activities and just life, the inside of your vehicle can show signs of neglect and if a lot of your time is spent inside of this neglected space it can also bring on an absurd amount of stress. It doesn't matter if you are a company owner driving from jobsite to jobsite or a stay at home mom running errands with the kids screaming and throwing foods drinks and what ever else they can find around the car having a fresh clean interior can give you a sense of peace and tranquility.

Our basic interior cleaning starts with vacuuming the loose dirt off of all surfaces, followed by a wipe down of the glass, dash, door panels, and center console. All of our interior and exterior services include cleaning the door jams as well.

If you are looking for a little more we offer a damp shampoo cleaning which helps to remove stains, and odors. Along with this we will also take our detail brushes and clean all the dirt out between the buttons, vents and from all areas in and around the steering wheel We are also able to add a UV protectant to your dash and door panels to help prevent them from fading and cracking.

Leather interiors are prone to becoming dry and brittle, with the constant change in temperature and much like your hands they can crack. Our leather treatment helps to revitalize and restore the elasticity in the leather and get rid of the veiny look that you see in a lot of vehicles with leather interior.

Next week we will go over what goes into and exterior detail and what options are available to keep your investment looking just as sharp as the day you bought it!

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