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It’s winter why get a detail?

Should you get your car detailed in the winter? The short answer is most certainly yes! If you live in an area that receives winter weather your car is subject to the corrosive chemicals applied to the road to melt the snow and ice. leaving these chemicals sit on the paint and under carnage of your car can eat Into your clearcoat, paint and rust out all steel surfaces. Getting an exterior wash and a 3 month sealant applied in the beginning of winter can keep your cars paint safe during the harsh winter months. You can also have some sort of rust prohibitor applied to the undercarriage to prevent rust and corrosion from forming under the car. Not to mention who doesn't like a clear car regardless what time of the year it is?

Rinseless wash benefits

Being a rinseless detailer allows me to detail your vehicle inside and out right from inside of your garage/shop, because we don’t use a hose I’m able to be right next to another car or anything else you don’t want to get wet and still perform a full detail without effecting the surrounding items. But doesn't it scratch the paint? To this I say not any more then a traditional wash does. A traditonal wash you are using the same wash mitt and dipping it into the same bucket so all of the dirt you are taking off of your car is going into your cleaning water and who knows what stays on the wash mitt or sponge. With a rinseless wash I use one rag per panel and once done that rag is set off to the side never to be used on that car again. It is also never placed back into the bucket of water so the water is always clean and fresh.

Rinseless/Waterless products encapsulate the dirt and lift them off of the surface and help to minimize wash induced marring. I am not going to talk about any specific product as most detailers all have their go to products that they swear by and I am no different but for the sake of this blog I what to speak generally on what I do and not get into depth on every product. However if you are interested in the specific products feel free to shoot me a message and I can talk directly with you about it or point you towards the products that I use.

Experience that shines.

This is not just our moto at Brownsrinseless but something we are highly passionate about and as long as the temperature is above freezing or you can keep your garage/shop above freezing we will be there to detail your vehicle. What are you waiting for book your appointment today and enjoy a clean car!

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