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The Art of Detailing

Detailing requires a passion but to become successful in the business of Detailing you need to be able to limit that passion. Part of a detailers delma is how far to go, because the truth is most people see the big picture instead of the minor details. As detailers we want to go the extra mile to please our customers but there comes a time when we ask ourselves will the customer even notice this or are we doing this for ourselves? In most cases it's the later as our clients don't notice the fine scratches and swirlmarks that we do. When they wash ther own cars they dont think about how much of a differencecleaning the door jams or in and around the fuel door makes. But it is things like that that we look for, it sets us apart from just a normal car wash.

But why did I name this blog post "The Art of Detailing"? The answer is because as with most artists you love what you do. You are taking something that some may see as trashed and a lot of time and bring it back to like new or in most cases (if you bought the car used) better then it was when you first bought the car. Removing carpet stains, cleaning and refreshing the leather, removing swirl marks from paint and restoring headlights back to there original clarity all require a certain amount of skill and patience to bring these areas back to like new condition.

The truth is a lot of us could spend hours getting into every crack and crevice or days correcting paint and still not be perfectly happy with it. The passion for this art helps us to see things a normal person wouldn't it gives us the ability to take a brand new car and give it a show quality finish!

Being an artist has looks different to a lot of people to some it's taking junk and repressing it or painting a picture, but it can also be taking something and making it look new again.

Thanks for reading, and please stop by next Sunday too see our newest post on ceramic coatings and why it may or may not be worth your time and money to get one on your car.

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