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Professional Exterior Detailing Berks County

What does an exterior detail do? 

   We understand how tough it can be to maintain your vehicle's exterior in top condition. It's not easy dealing with bird droppings, bug splatters, acid rain, and harmful UV rays that can all cause damage to your car's paint. And even a simple car wash can go wrong if not done properly. 


  That's why, as professional detailers, we are here to help you. We take great care in washing your car safely and applying protective measures to keep it looking like new. We know how important your car is to you, and we're committed to ensuring it always looks its best.


What's Included in our Exterior Detail

  • Thourough Exterior Wash to remove loose dirt and debris from all surfaces

  • Claybar decontamination to remove remaining embedded contaminants

  • 6 Month Sealant  applied to all painted surfaces and lights

  • Tires and trim dressed

Add Ons:

  • All Glass Ceramic Coated ($125.00) (windshield only $75.00)

  • Upgrade paint and lights to 1yr Ceramic Coating ($250.00) (includes Gloss Enhancement polish)

  • Ceramic coat wheel faces $50.00 per wheel 

  • Ceramic coat wheels off (entire wheel $100 per wheel)

  • Gloss Enhancement polish before sealant is applied $150

Contact us today and a friendly professional will be happy to go over the options with you!

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