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ceramic coating hamburg pa browns rinseless detailing

Ceramic Coating Hamburg PA

ceramic coating hamburg pa browns rinseless detailing

Ceramic Coating Benefits

  • Ease of cleaning. Spending less time to make your car look freshly detailed means more time for the important things in life.


  • Chemical resistance is great to have especially with what is used in our wintery mix to keep our roads clear. The brine wreaks havoc on your vehicle's clear coat without any protection.


  • Resistance to damages from things such as hard water deposits, tree sap, and bug guts.


  • Having a well kept vehicle will help when it is time to sell. A vehicle with faded clear coat will not sell nearly as well as a vehicle with glistening paint.

Ceramic Coating Application Process

Thorough inspection of the interior and exterior, which will assist in communicating expectations of service. Notations of various conditions, damages, etc are made. This inspection is emailed to you typically within an hour to hour and half of the service beginning.



WASHING- Your investment is thoroughly washed from top-to-bottom. This process can take anywhere from 45-75 minutes.


DECONTAMINATION – The vehicle is then washed with a clay towel to remove surface contaminants. This is followed by a chemical treatment to remove iron (red specks), mineral deposits, tar, and any wax or grease. This process takes anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.


DEFECT REMOVAL & POLISHING – Machine polishing is done to ensure the car’s paint is in great condition to have the ceramic or graphene coating installed. This process is open ended and can take as little as two hours, and as long as, multiple days.


SECOND WASH & SURFACE PREPARATION – The vehicle is washed again and is cleaned of all polishes. This takes about 45 to 75 minutes.


PANEL-BY-PANEL COATING APPLICATION – The ceramic  coating is then installed to all applicable areas of the vehicle. This can take anywhere from one to four hours.


THOROUGH FINAL INSPECTION – The vehicle is inspected top-to-bottom to ensure amazing results.

What can be protected with ceramic coatings Hamburg?

Paint, Trim, and Lights Wheels, Wheel Wells, and Calipers Windshield, Side, and Rear Windows Door Jambs Exhaust Tips Interior Plastics, Center Console, Dashboard, Door Panels Carpets and Upholstered Seats Leather Seats Boats Jet Skis RVs Trailers Campers Motorcycles ATVs Side by Sides Farm Equipment And more!

What are some of the benefits of a ceramic coating Hamburg?

Ceramic coatings Hamburg offer durable protection for vehicle surfaces, enhancing their resistance to scratches, UV rays, and chemical contaminants. They provide a hydrophobic effect, making cleaning easier and maintaining a glossy appearance. This protective layer also adds to the car's resale value by preserving its aesthetic condition over time.

What are some of the downsides of a ceramic coating Hamburg?

Up-front cost. While a coating may provide many benefits, the up-front cost is prohibitive to some. However, when calculating a prospective clients time, energy, product expense, or the cost of having a detailer wax or seal a vehicle 2-4x per year, the cost of a ceramic coating Hamburg can be significantly less over the life of a vehicle. Ceramic Coatings, like any other surface on a car, are susceptible to water spotting from hard minerals from many water sources. Only washing the vehicle in the shade, early mornings, or late in the evenings in hot climates helps. Using good quality microfiber towels, a leaf blower or air compressor to help dry the vehicle quickly can help as well. Water spotting can be removed safely from most coatings but are not covered under any known coating warranty or guarantee as they are preventable. Ceramic coatings can still be scratched and chipped. While some coatings do provide a measurable degree of hardness vs. factory clear coat, no coating is scratch or chip proof. This is a common misconception that is regularly spread by many dealerships and even some detailers looking to make a quick sale.

How do I take care of a ceramic coating Hamburg after it is applied?

The simplest answer to this question is to wash it, dry it completely, and take it to your detailer as needed for decontamination or maintenance. Maintenance from a detailer may consistent of high PH washing to deep clean the coating, chemical decontamination with iron removal chemicals, clay bar treatment, maintenance products meant to reinvigorate or increase slickness, or even spot polishing and recoating of small sections in case of damage. Browns Rinseless Detailing provides maintenance services to ensure your ceramic coated vehicle is as fresh as the day it was ceramic coated.

What if I get into a car accident? Will insurance cover the cost of having the coating re-applied?

In our years of experience dealing with these situations we have found that with full coverage insurance the cost of coating re-application is covered under most policies. Make sure to inform your detailer as soon as possible after an accident occur so he or she can provide an estimate for re-coating the damaged sections of vehicle so that you can submit the information to your insurance company.

My car is brand new. Will I still need to have the paint clayed and polished prior to coating application?

Yes. Any quality detailer will see these steps as the foundation necessary for a quality ceramic coating application. Any detailer or dealership that does not follow these steps prior to applying a ceramic coating are likely improperly applying the coating. Even for a brand-new vehicle “off the truck” a thorough wash, clay bar treatment, and light polishing are the absolute minimum before coating application. Often times much more polishing and compounding is needed even on a brand-new vehicle to make sure the surface is as flawless as possible before the ceramic coating is applied. Browns Rinseless Detailing uses new tools, such as clay and polishing pads with every ceramic coating service.

There is a huge variance in pricing from one detailer to the next, or even from the dealership on the cost of a ceramic coating Hamburg. What gives?

Many factors affect the pricing of a ceramic coating Hamburg, including but not limited to: The experience, knowledge, and skills of the detailer applying the coating. The type of coating being applied, all products are different. The level of preparation needed prior to applying the coating. Some dealerships or detailers will skip steps altogether in order to offer a lower price. The size, color, and manufacturer of the vehicle can also affect pricing. Some vehicles have much softer clear coats that are harder to prepare for coating application than others.

Do ceramic coatings provide better protection than wax?

The compounds found in ceramic coatings provide substantially superior protection for your vehicle as opposed to traditional waxes and sealants. The nanotechnology found in these coatings allows the coating to stick to the surface of the vehicle, its wheels, trim and windows on a molecular level. These coatings can last for several years when properly taken care of. Apart from weather damage protection, chemical and UV ray protection, these coatings will also protect your vehicle against bird droppings, tree sap, insects and water spots. These coatings are less susceptible to cracking and chipping, are anti-static, have a high water contact level, offer a high sleek and candy-like gloss, protect from scratches and swirl marks, and reduce the need for frequent car washes. Experienced, fully trained and knowledgeable specialists at Browns Rinseless Detailing determine which type of coating is best for your vehicle. After your vehicle has been detailed, an associate will walk you through the correct method of caring for your vehicle in order to prolong the effects of the chosen coating for as long as possible. In addition, you will receive a complimentary kit that includes brochures and information on how to take care of your ceramic coated vehicle.

What about having a clear bra or paint protection film added to the vehicle, should I have this applied before or after the ceramic coating Hamburg, and does the ceramic coating work on it?

We recommend having any paint protection film products applied to your vehicle prior to having the ceramic coating applied. This way you have the protective properties of the film, with the added hydrophobic, self-cleaning, and UV protectant abilities of the ceramic coating Hamburg. Most ceramic coatings can be applied to paint protection film, but ask the detailer applying your ceramic coating prior to your appointment about any questions you may have about film.

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